A menstrual pad with ground up dirt will not help your period pain

Dr. Jen Gunter

Nanotechnology. Am I right?


And with that I introduce to you the NannoPad™ with “nannogenic™” technology from nanoparticles.

Here is the NannoPad™ sales pitch….

So much stupid and snake oil and skulduggery to unpack here, but as God is my witness I am going to give it a try.

“Organically occurring earth elements”

Mmmmk. Like, there are a few. Like a whole Periodic Table worth. Also, earth’s elements are all organically occurring, but I guess you need to say organic to make the sale.

Personally, I feel PeriodicPad™ has far better alliteration and is a superior play on words, then again I’m no charlatan so what do I know?

But back to the elements. Carbon? Copper? Arsenic? Lead? A potpourri from the continental crust (i.e. backyard dirt) ground up into a nice powder?

It is entirely possible there is simply a strip of material impregnated with activated charcoal in…

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